October 22, 2010


Posted in Uncategorized at 8:02 pm by peachesteaberry

Jennifer gazed at the photo. Her eyes filled with tears. She blinked rapidly. The mask of indifference settled over her features. She would not share her grief with the the people sitting around her. It was hers. Hers alone. She clutched it to her. Griped it with determination. She dared not surrender it to the group. They would not understand it. Would not value it as she did. It defined her. Gave her purpose. Without it she was nothing. Useless. Without her grief she had no value to anyone. Not even herself. She closed her eyes and drew in a ragged breath. Slowly she exhaled. Her fingers clenched around the photo. It crinkled noisily as she balled it up. Only bits and pieces of the child she had once been peeked out. She drew in another breath and tucked her hands into her armpits as if to warm them. Her eyes opened again, gazing warily around the room. She braced herself as the woman next to her droned to a close. All eyes moved irrovocably to her, pinning her in her chair with silent expectation. Jennifer clenched her fists, crushing the photo. She stared back at them, saying nothing. Sharing nothing. Letting her endurance justify her existance.


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