October 28, 2010

Dawn Delight

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:38 pm by peachesteaberry

Xikone stretched, reaching for the sky as she rose up on her toes. Her back arched and she piroetted gracefully. Pelquinn smiled to himself as she giggled with delight. He cut his eyes to the men watching from outside the small corral. Two stable hands paused in their shoveling. The autioneer paused by the railing letting his arms rest on the rail as he leered. Xikone whirled faster and faster, bouncing up on her toes then twirling flat footed only to rise again. Her skirt sailed through the air like wings, rising and falling to reveal tantalizing glimpses of her ankles and calves. One of the stable hands licked his lips, noticed the expression on Pelquinn’s face and paled. With a hasty elbow in the ribs he urged his partner to join him back inside the stable. Pelquinn turned back to his oathsister. Her gracefullness never failed to amaze him, even on the ground. In the air she was a creature of unbelievable beauty. That beauty hid a capacity for ruthless violence that few suspected. She was every bit his equal in battle when she was airborne. He glanced around once more. Then he pulled his blade from its sheath. Leaning back against the tool shed, he pulled a whetstone and small flask of oil. He smiled as the auctioneer strolled towards the inn.


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