October 19, 2012

Sera’s first awakening

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I stared at the cornmeal colored yarn nestled in my lap. It sparkled in the sunlight that drifted down through the trees. The scent of deep rich turkish coffee layered itself around me like black compost in the rose beds scattered across my back yard. I breathed in that scent and held it until the need to breath forced me to let it fly free again. Four long breaths and my eyes closed. I could feel His presence centered within me, wrapped around me like those intimate late night tete-a-tete suppers my Danny and I had shared during our courting days. A smile stretched my lips as I wrapped the thread twice around my fingers. Two cross-overs and I inserted the hook. I dropped my fingers down to pull the thread tight, then up until it embraced the hook firmly. Together, He and I turned our attention to the one who would recieve this blanket. My lips whispered the familiar prayer. I asked for peace and comfort, guidance and grace.

Unseen, a white light flowed from my hands to the thread. It coiled along the outside of the thread, penetrated through to its core and even hovered slightly over it like fog on the windshield in the early morning. I did not open my eyes to look. I would not have seen it, even if I had. But I knew it was there. I could feel the power of its presence. I’d always known it was there. Faith told me so. But I’d never been able to feel it. Not like this. This was something new.