March 16, 2013

March 16th, 2013

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I had such good intentions when I redistributed my writings and elected to make this blog my spirituality and crochet blog. I haven’t touched it since. Lent is well underway, we have had our papal conclave and I haven’t written a thing. Mea culpa. Lent has been a mixed bag. I have prayed for my adopted cardinal daily, and am still in the middle of  a novena for the pope. I have loved reading and listening to videos of our new papa. He has such a sense of back to basics faith. I am looking forward to seeing what direction  he takes the Church in. I also hope that Benedict will be able to devote much effort to producing more writings now that he is retiring to the monastic life. He has such a gift with the written word.

I am somewhere between 1/2 and 2/3  finished with my purple prayer shawl. It is an aurora shawl. It will be my first completed shawl  for the church group. The white one shows every sign of turning into a single person  blanket. It also has a very wide and thick area from my first effort at changing balls of yarn. The second one went much better. I wove it into a dc at the beginning of a row. weaving the ends in, was a pain, but at least I don’t have such  a visible mistake this time. I have been learning Tunisian stitches in class. I love Tunisian. I am expecting amazon to deliver two hooks, sizes L and M/N before Wednesday next week. Everything I have is too small at the moment. In class I borrow Marty’s size L to practice with. So far I can do the simple stitch, the knit stitch and I’m so so with the purl stitch. I want to learn the puff stitch so I can use the new yarn I got to make me a scarf. I love the pattern  and it looks like it will be very warm. I also picked up some lovely blue multicolor yarn that I am looking for a pattern to use with it. I bought 5 skeins which gives me around 1300 yds. Unfortunately every pattern I fall in love with calls for either much less or much more yarn than that.

I think  this may be a busy week for me. I have class on Monday, I believe this Tuesday is our prayer shawl meeting and I am going to try to make my day of recollection on Thursday. At least I won’t need to go to the grocery store. I stocked up for the month. I picked up a free marian book from amazon yesterday. It just came out. I hope it will be a good one. the Catholic spiritual direction book  club is taking suggestions for their next book. right now they are doing one of dan  burke’s books on spiritual direction. I liked several of the suggestions. I am hoping for either Theresa of avila’s Way of Perfection or De Montfort’s True Devotion. With our new pope, a marian book might be in  keeping with the direction he may take us.