July 31, 2013

blog inspiration

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Ok, it’s been ages since I have posted anything. It is my own fault. I have been incredibly lazy, slothful and just plain apathetic.

The good news is that I have run across an incredibly inspiring blog.


It is written from the view of a monastic in the world. As a secular religious I found this delightful and inspiring. I have been browsing her site today. I would love to use her efforts as a guideline or inspiration someday and create a Carmelite website in a similar vein. Thank you my dear for making your efforts available to us.

My white shawl/lapghan is now done. it is a lapghan for sure. It’s very warm and I look forward to using it this fall. Maybe I’ll take it with me when I go on retreat. I always freeze at Avila retreat center.

The purple aurora shawl has not progressed a stitch!  However I now have a striped shawl in Tunisian, a striped cowl in a heavy wavy yarn that I love called maypole which is also done in Tunisian, a pair of fingerless gloves over half done and being ignored because I hate working in back loop only, a headband just barely started and a few other projects in various stages. My Tunisian studies are coming along. I have learned twisted single and twisted knit stitches. I even did a swatch of mixing Tunisian and regular crochet in a single piece. I loved it. It would make a great shawl. It’s called failed crochet I think, on a youtube video.

We are studying the beatitudes and the soliloques of Theresa of Avila in Carmelite classes. I have agreed to teach the last beatitude, Blessed are those who suffer and are persecuted for righteousness sake, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. I have a copy of a conference on that beatitude. I will be doing some internet searches and drawing from other sources such as Raniero Cantelamessa’s book on the beatitudes as well. That particular beatitude seems very timely in our current age when more Christians are being martyred than during the reigns of Nero and Diocletian combined. I am sure I will find plenty to draw from. I have subscribed to a facebook site called sharia revealed that has been very informative too. It is rather graphic and exposes current efforts against Christians throughout the world, including in my country. I had no idea that Christians had been murdered in my own country as recently as 4 years ago. May Our Lord and Our Lady with the entire communion of saints, most especially those who died for the faith, intercede for me that I may speak on this beatitude in a way that edifies and inspires my community in their journey of faith.