July 12, 2018

The Artist’s Rule

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I was reading the introduction to The Artist’s Rule and it came to me that the liturgy of the hours could be looked at as a form of rengu poetry, spoken together with God. His words of inspired scripture combined with my prayer. A spoken dance between the two of us. That idea sparks my creative side and helps me look at the office and my prayer as an expression of my creativity and the gift God gave me put into practice.


SS. Zellie & Louis Martin

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Grey and white ninjas

Arms raised in suplication

Silent as the grave

They weep frozen tears for you

By my window I weep too


this is my first tanka poem. the image of frozen ice covered trees with snowflakes drifting down created the mood for me.

July 10, 2018

St. Maria Goretti

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We had a 4th of July party at the Dixon house again this year. Michelle told me that they will be at Disney next year so there won’t be a party then. That being the case I think I may schedule a home retreat instead. I could really enjoy some quality spiritual time, do some crochet work on a prayer shawl and get some writing done at camp nano while I’m at it. I spent most of the evening with the Binford girls watching t.v. I like them but I will try not to do that again. One of the twins is bad about asking for updates about what’s going to happen next. I hate movie spoilers during a movie.

I picked up a book on writing tanka poetry. That’s a Japanese poetry form that has 5 lines instead of haiku’s 3 lines. I’m looking forward to finishing it and doing some more writing. I am a bit behind on my writing for camp nano at the moment. I hope to get some work done tomorrow. I’m writing haiku and spiritual journaling with the Carmelite retreat. On the days I actually do it, it works well. I have my New Diary book for inspiration as well. Perhaps I’ll try morning pages too. I need to get back into the habit of writing regularly. I am so undisciplined, so lazy.

I wasn’t able to go to Carmel this month. I had a really bad night, only got about 3 hours of sleep and my stomach was twitchy so I got up and when Sandra arrived I let her know. As usual my phone wouldn’t call out and the house phone wouldn’t work either. I don’t know if she went to the meeting or not. Her father-in-law is dying and David is already up north with him. She said she was tempted not to go but feared she would need the time off in August more. Beloved Brother Joseph, please intercede for him now and at the hour of his death.


June 30, 2018

Protomartyrs of Rome

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Your blood calls to mine.

Hand in hand and heart to heart

Faith binds us as one.


Tomorrow is the first of July and the beginning of camp nano. I am really looking forward to spending the month writing and retreating. I hope I can discipline myself into praying my office, making mental prayer and doing spiritual reading daily. I have no excuse. I know that. God has been reminding me that in scripture he said, “not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven. But only those who do the will of my father.” I haven’t done our father’s will for 60 years. Time is running out. Even tomorrow is not guaranteed.

I said the morning office today by using the brothers’ method from the rule of saying the Our Father seven times for Laudes. I may do that for the smaller offices and times when I know I won’t pray the office at all unless I use this method. If I can train myself into the habit with the two options – the brievary and the Our Father, then I can eventually make the brievary an engrained habit. I failed to do that in the past. I have to do it now.

Michelle has done some cleaning and party prep in the dining room. I love the red, white and blue tablecloth she chose. It makes everything so bright and energetic!

One of my nano cabinmates is at odds with her son & his fiancé. She’s really depressed and questioning her writing to the point of thinking maybe she should quit. I posted to remind her that God knew beforehand what she would write and found her worthy of being given the gift of being a creative writer. I need to remind myself of that as well. Especially when my brain tries to tell me I’ll never accomplish anything, always be a failure and so on. I need to let go of Janette’s opinions and appreciate God’s more. It isn’t easy. That inner voice has been condemning me for over sixty years. Today I can be grateful for this insight as one of my 3 things to be grateful for. God finds me worthy of being given his gift of creativity in writing. Ruah, help me to appreciate that I have this in common with you who spoke through the prophets. Jesus help me to appreciate that I have this in common with you who are the Word of God. Father help me to appreciate that I have this in common with you who created everything that exists. You called me to this. I may not use this gift as wisely or well as you want, but you still found me worthy to receive it. Thank you.

June 29, 2018

St. Irenaeus 2018

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I’m rereading Beverly Connor’s mystery books. Today I read how Frank, the detective, and his son, Kevin, record 3 good things that happen each day and reflect on why they happened. He said it helped them realize that not everything was going wrong in their lives and helped them deal with difficult situations. That goes back to the idea of “being grateful” to God for what happens in our lives. Consistent gratitude changes our outlook and makes negative attitudes harder to support.

I got started on reading my Carmelite retreat book

It was cool enough to spend time in the sun room

I got enough quality sleep to get up at a decent hour

the first one shows a minor effort at self discipline to accomplish something that I needed to get done. actually when you think about it so does the second one. I acted on the inclination to go out there during lunch. so does the third one. I could have gone back to bed and wasted time. I didn’t.


Sitting in the dark

The household prepares for sleep

Silence holds me close


I really am enjoying writing haiku here in this blog. I look forward to doing so on my camp nano retreat. This will be my first non-fiction effort. I’ve never done a consistant retreat or nano. I hope I can make this one. Perhaps it will help me begin to pray my office as I promised. I am already way behind with my 33 days morning glory consecration. I should try to catch up some on that tomorrow.

We are planning to paint the two walls and the yarn vault doors in September. It will be an early morning effort. I don’t know, but they might do it on my Carmelite day. I get the impression three would be a crowd from what they’ve said. I also need to choose curtain rods for the windows. I’d like bronze to match the one over the bathroom door.

I have joined the catholic camp nano cabin for july. they seem friendly and there is usually at least one or two posts a day. I hope things will pick up after the first couple days. One of the writers is getting a writing retreat shed set up. I think I’ll use the sunroom.

June 13, 2018

Theresa of the Andes 2018

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I come to your call

Over the course of a year

You make me anew

June 9, 2018

Immaculate Heart of Mary 2018

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Today I FEEL the call to be a cause of grace for my brothers, the clergy and seminarians, throughout the world. My steadfast pursuit of holiness is the means by which I acquire grace for them. I must needs act as  a hound of God and move with ever increasing speed to be faithful in my endeavors.

The feast of the Sacred Heart 2018

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I gaze at your heart.

Captivated, I listen.

“See how I love you.”



May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018

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kids in the cry room

unending sound and motion

moms blush, look away



May 13, 2018

Haiku Poems

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a feathered choir sings

warm vestments on my shoulders

all things praise the Lord



soft paws on my arm

eyes plead with expectation

cats triumph again

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