June 13, 2018

Theresa of the Andes 2018

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I come to your call

Over the course of a year

You make me anew


June 9, 2018

Immaculate Heart of Mary 2018

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Today I FEEL the call to be a cause of grace for my brothers, the clergy and seminarians, throughout the world. My steadfast pursuit of holiness is the means by which I acquire grace for them. I must needs act asĀ  a hound of God and move with ever increasing speed to be faithful in my endeavors.

The feast of the Sacred Heart 2018

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I gaze at your heart.

Captivated, I listen.

“See how I love you.”



May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018

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kids in the cry room

unending sound and motion

moms blush, look away



May 13, 2018

Haiku Poems

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a feathered choir sings

warm vestments on my shoulders

all things praise the Lord



soft paws on my arm

eyes plead with expectation

cats triumph again

May 12, 2018


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A few days ago I finally picked up a book titles Haiku-the sacred art a spiritual practice in three lines by a Benedictine oblate. I am not too far along but I am really enjoying it. I have always loved haiku poetry and I look forward to incorporating it into my spiritual life.

I am facilitating the Carmelite class for our OCDS community studying Into the Silence by Pere Jacque. It is a fantastic book and I’ve learned a lot while studying it. I highly recommend it!

November 9, 2017

Feast for Dedication of St. John Lateran 2017

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Today’s office was filled with inspiration for me. Thank you Lord. Two of the antiphons in particular held meaning.

“My house will be called a house of prayer.”

“Blessed are you O Lord, in your holy temple.”

Both of these antiphons made me think of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity whose feast we celebrated yesterday. She taught about the indwelling of the Trinity in our souls. As a Carmelite her vocation was and is prayer. Because of the indwelling, each of us is a house and temple. As a secular Carmelite my vocation too is prayer. I am a house for God because of the indwelling and I am called to be a house of prayer as a Carmelite. It is my calling to live my vocation in such a way that God will be happy or blessed in his temple, which is me. O what a glorious vocation this is.

Carmelites are given their vocation, not for themselves, but for the Church. The third antiphon and the reading speak to this.

“Praise the Lord in the assembly of his holy people.”

“For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.”

St. Elizabeth said she would continue from heaven to help people develop their spiritual lives. We, as houses of prayer for the Lord are called to do the same during our lives. As Carmelites we are gifted for the Church. We prayer for each and every soul; past, present and future. That’s why I love it when Daniel’s canticle is prayed. I spiritually call out to each part of creation named and unite them with my prayer, calling for them to praise our creator with me.

The next antiphon spoke of Zacchaeus. One of the conferences that I’ll be teaching about in ongoing formation class next month also talks about that reading. I am reminded of how wounded he was before his encounter with Christ. Each of us is wounded in a variety of ways. Each of us desperately needs to exchange intimate glances with Christ. Where better than in his own house? It also reminds me of The Cloistered Heart writings. I must remember to read them again and glean inspiration for my class.

The beginning of the intercessions and the final prayer both tie in with this.

“We are the living stones that are laid upon the cornerstone that is Christ. Let us pray to our all-powerful Father for his son’s beloved church, professing our faith in her as we say; This is the house of God and the gate of heaven.”

“O God who from living and chosen stones prepare an eternal dwelling for your majesty increase in your church the spirit of grace you have bestowed, so that by new growth your faithful people may build up the heavenly Jerusalem.”

We are living stones because we are laid upon Jesus. He is our cornerstone and foundation. Without him we have no life in us. Again, we are praying for the church, for all souls in need. We are living our Carmelite vocation as intercessors in prayer. We are being individually and communally a house of prayer and through our efforts united to Christ we are acting as a gate of heaven opening the fountains of grace to our brothers and sisters and helping them on their journey to heaven as they and others have and are helping us in the same.

Ruah, Breath of God, I thank you for these insights that you have bestowed upon me today. I have done nothing to warrant them and could through my own devices have done nothing to achieve them They are your gift and yours alone. I can but be grateful and open my hands to receive them from your love. Thank you.

January 7, 2017

Jan. 7, 2017

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I have fallen off the wagon so to speak. My prayer life has gone back to what it was before the new year began. So today I start again.

I asked God to send ice for my 60th birthday. It’s in 4 days. We now have around 6+ inches of snow. It is so beautiful. Thank you Lord.

January 4, 2017

Jan. 3, 2017

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Today is starting better. I got up at a reasonable hour and I have done some more reading in the retreat book. Today its talking about how everything around us belongs to God and how we are mere stewards of creation. It hit me that my body belongs to God in a real way. I am merely its’ steward. My body is a “trust”. My gluttony and other choices / flaws are actual abuses of His property and I will be punished for them. I owe Him “legal” restitution for those abuses. Maybe “lawful” would be a better term. I’ve always know this, but reading it today made it visceral. I have pride issues with the idea that my independence is an illusion. I belong to God. I am His property. I have no rights independent of Him. I have the same flaw that Lucifer had. May God grant me the grace to overcome it better than he did.


January 3, 2017

Jan. 2, 2017

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Well, today didn’t go too well. I did a little bit of the first hour and missed my office entirely. I have no excuse. I will need to discipline myself much more carefully as regards online gaming and reading.

I found a site, ambient-mixer.com which has background sounds for you to listen to while you write. I’m currently in Rivendell listening to celtic harpĀ  and birdsong.


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